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We analyse the characteristics of the user's professional background along the process

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More than 50 companies that offer you the possibility of getting extra income from home

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The user will be able to analyse and select the company which he wants to start working.

Collaborate with brands

Are you interested in collaborate with companies and earn extra income from home?

At Laberex we connect our users with the most prestigious companies on the market, that will offer you several collaboration opportunities. In a simple and fast way, earn extra income collaborating with the brands that you like the most.

You’ll only have to fill out our form and at the end of it, we’ll provide you a list of companies that better adapt to your profile, and you’ll updated about our latest collaborations.

Laberex Paid Surveys
Laberex Investment in stock market

Investment in stock market

Are you interested in investing in the stock market?

Laberex is the perfect online platform for users interested in stock market investments. The financial trading, also called Forex, consists in buying or selling assets in a financial marketing with the intention of acquiring a speculative value.

At Laberex we provide you all the information, from many financial entities that offer different products about investment, with which you can learn and collaborate directly registering in their landing pages.

It doesn’t matter your level of knowledge in investment, from Laberex and through a small test we analyse your level of knowledge about trading and we offer you, completely free through our collaborators, a free training to invest in currency exchange and also the many different American investment companies that better fit your profile.

Real Estate Investment

Do you want to invest in real estate?

When you’re investing in real estate it’s very important to know well the market and the companies that better adjust to your investment needs. Laberex selects the companies that, after a detailed analysis are considered perfect for a strategic investment.

For that reason, Laberex is perfect since it connects you with the best investment companies, adapting to your needs through a small questionnaire. So you can diversify your operations and minimize the risk of all your real estate investments.

Laberex Estate Investment